1. Assembly is the highest body of UASCET and meets once per year.
  2. Executive Committee is the executive body of UASCET elected by the Assembly for a term of 2 years and consisting of representatives of the associations and other elected individual members.
  3. Supervisory Committee is the supervisory body of UASCET, consisting of 3 members and 3 deputies elected directly by the Assembly for a term of 2 years.
  4. Honorary Tribunal is the disciplinary body of UASCET, consisting of 3 members and 2 deputies elected directly by the Assembly.
  5. The President of UASCET is directly elected by the UASCET Assembly for a term of 2 years, with the possibility of renewal; the President is also the President of the Executive Committee and the legal representative of UASCET.
  6. Professional Services at the UASCET headquarters are responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the UASCET bodies, the administrative and organisational implementation of all UASCET activities, the keeping of records, the archiving and protection of the 59 year old historical heritage of UASCET. For their work, the Professional Services are responsible to the President of UASCET.
  7. Publishing Council of the Civil Engineering Gazette, appointed by the Executive Committee according to the Rules of Procedure for the publication of the professional-scientific journal „Gradbeni vestnik” (Civil Engineering Gazette), is responsible for the journal’s programme plan and editorial policy. It also analyses and solves problems related to the financing of the Gazette’s publication.