Zveza društev gradbenih inženirjev in tehnikov slovenije

Objavljeno v: Gradbeni vestnik - 2,3 - 1968


Jurij Vojska, dipl. inž.

Omrežje hitrih cest v Sloveniji s posebnim ozirom na hitro cesto Šentilj - Gorica

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Sloveniji s posebnim ozirom Gorica
Omrežje hitrih cest v
na hitro cesto Šentilj-


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Sloveniji s posebnim ozirom Gorica
Omrežje hitrih cest v
na hitro cesto Šentilj-


The first chapter deals with the basic characteristic of highway and circumstances favoring or dissuading the utilisation of automobile roads as expressways. First are indicated the circumstances favoring the construction of them: security, accomodation, crosspoints, junctions, economy. Then some disadvantageous ones are discussed e. g. the automobile expressway is a barrier demanding a considerable area, then the reduced tourist visits and others.

The routes of the existing expressways in Slovenia, their condition and consequences resulting from such conditions and affecting the traffic are discussed in the second chapter. Te basic consequences of the road condition are the following:

direct ones: obstacles in the traffic, reduced security, expensive maintaining, economic effects on the traffic;

indirect ones: economic effects on the national economy evading of such roads.

Existing traffic, state and prospective traffic in Slovenia. Discussed is the traffic during the period

1957—1966, the number of tourist passages according to official statistics and examination conducted on all frontier passages. On the basic of the traffic data, an average increase of the traffic for some 45 percent is to be expected.

In the next chapter the author considers the routes of the proposed automobile road in Slovenia with a schematic exposition of the planned variants for different sections of automobile roads in Slovenia and a short description of the routes. The road connections in Italy, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia which will directly or indirectly affect our road network are dealt with in the second part of this chapter.

In the last chapter »Financial problems« are presented existing and future ways of investment politics. An example is given relative to the road taxation on the proposed highway Šentilj—Gorica and a second one concerning a public loan as a possible source of financial means.

The article concludes with the suggestion the necessary speed of the work should be of 1/2 km of the automobile road per week.

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