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Anton Stergaršek, ing.

Elektrifikacija Drave

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Elektrifikacija Drave
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Elektrifikacija Drave
DK 537.22:497.1


The Drava river is favourable for the utilization of its power because of its well balanced overfalls. The annual average water has 300, and the annual low water has 110 cu. metres/sec. For the Yugoslav electro economics it is of special interest, as it is the only Yugoslav river having overfalls above average during the summer time.

The first hydroelectric power plant at the Drava river which has been in operation since 1918, is the Fala Power Plant above Maribor, with a power of 35 MW and with an annual production of 230 GWh. This power plant rendered possible a considerable industrial development of the Maribor district and of the other parts of Slovenia as well. During World War II, the Dravograd Power Plant has been erected; it has an annual production of 150 GWh.

As a basis of a fast economic growth in socialist Yugoslavia, four more power plants have been built along the course of the Drava river, between the Austrian frontier near Dravograd and Maribor, after 1945,

viz.: Maribor Island, Vuzenica, Vuhred, and Ožbalt. Owing to the power plants, the entire power of the Drava river from Dravograd (upper Drava course) to Maribor, with a fall of 87 metres in six power plants with a total power of 276 MW and an annual production of 1545 GWh has been attained. All of them are river type power plants.

In order to utilize the power of the course of the Drava river from Maribor to Ormož (central Drava course), one power plant for the course Maribor—Ptuj with a fall of 33 metres, and another one for the course Ptuj—Ormož with a fall of 29 metres, is planned. The total power of these two power plants which are of the river-canal type, will be 236 MW, while the annual power production will attain 1287 GWh. Along the lower Drava course, from Ormož to the confluence of the Drava and the Mura river near Legrad, there are favourable conditions for power utilization too. In this area, an annual power production of 1380 GWh will be attained. Among various possibilities, three power plants of combined river-canal type come into question.

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